From Art history to Visual Culture. Studying the Visual after the Cultural Turn (Reader 3)

    • vizuális kultúra, cultural studies, társadalmi nem, feminizmus, kolonializmus
  • Szerzők: Stuart Hall, Homi K. Bhabba, Griselda Pollock, Sherry B. Ortner, Adrian Piper, WEB, Rosler Martha, Anne Marah, Majorice Kramer, Judy Chichago, Pat Mainardi, Judith Stein, Richard Powell, Ralph Ellison, Griselda Pollock, Valerie and Kozloff Jaudon, Susanne Kappeller, Janet Wolf, Lisa Tickner, Borsa, Frida Kahlo, Michele Wallace, Stuart Hall, Hilary Robinson, Kass Banning, Ailbhe, Smyth, Hung Liu, Coco, Fusco, Diane Losche, Jean Fischer, Katy Deepwell, András Edit, Jana Gerzová, Martina Pachmanova, Mila Bredikhina, Andrea Ash, Sally Potter, Judith Willimason, Lisa Tickner, Diana Fuss, Lynda Nead, Rosi Braidotti, Rosemary Betterton, Helen McDonald

    New Etnicities. (Stuart Hall)

    The other question (Homi K. Bhabba)

    Inscriptions in the feminine. (Griselda Pollock)

    Is female to male as nature is to culture? (Sherry B. Ortner)

    The triple negation of colored women artists. (Adrian Piper)

    Consciousness-raising rules. (WEB)

    Well, is the personal political? (Rosler Martha)

    A theoretical and political context. (Anne Marah)

    Some thoughts on feminist art. (Majorice Kramer)

    Woman as artist. (Judy Chichago)

    A feminine sensibility? (Pat Mainardi)

    For a truly feminist art. (Judith Stein)

    Re/birth of a nation. (Richard Powell)

    The art of Romare Bearden. (Ralph Ellison)

    Differencing feminism’s encounter with the canon. (Griselda Pollock)

    Art hysterical notions of progress and culture. (Valerie and Kozloff Jaudon)

    No matter how unreasonable. (Susanne Kappeller)

    On the Road Again: Metaphors of travel in cultural criticism. (Janet Wolf)

    Modernist art history: The challenge of feminism. (Lisa Tickner)

    Marginalisation and the critical female subject. (Joan Borsa, Frida Kahlo)

    Modernism, postmodernism and the problem of the visual in Afro American culture. (Michele Wallace)

    Cultural identity and diaspora. (Stuart Hall)

    Introvertation. In Feminism-Art-Theory 1968-2000. (Hilary Robinson)

    The ties that bind: Here we go again. (Kass Banning)

    The floozie in the jacuzzi: The problematics in culture and identity of an Irish woman. (Ailbhe, Smyth)

    Five terms, two letters. (Hung Liu)

    We wear the mask. (Coco, Fusco)

    Reinventing the nude: Fiona Foley’s museology. (Diane Losche)

    The syncretic turn. (Jean Fischer)

    Cultural knowledge, genealogies and the problem of geo-political location(s) producing ethnocentrism(s) in feminist theory. (Katy Deepwell)

    Gender minefield: The heritage of the past, attitudes to feminism in Eastern Europe. (András Edit)

    Art and the question of gender in Slovak art. (Jana Gerzová)

    The Muzzle: Gender and sexual politics in contemporary Czech art. (Martina Pachmanova)

    Representtional practices of women artists in Moscow in the 1990s. (Mila Bredikhina)

    Text and subtext: Women sexuality, image and identity in Asian art. (Andrea Ash)

    On shows. (Sally Potter)

    Images of ’woman’: The photography of Cindy Sherman and others. (Judith Willimason)

    Sexuality and/in representation. (Lisa Tickner)

    The risk of essence (Diana Fuss)

    Framing the female body (Lynda Nead)

    Mothers, Monsters and Machines. (Rosi Braidotti)

    An intimate distance: Women, artists and the body; Body Horror? Food (and sex and death) in women’s art. (Rosemary Betterton)

    Feminism, ambiguity and the ideal; Revisioning the female nude; Gender ambiguity (Helen McDonald)

From Art History to Visual Culture. Studying the Visual after the Cultural Turn (Reader 2)

    Kulcsszavak: kurátori irodalom, elmélet, posztkolonializmus, Kelet-KözépEurópa vizuális kultúra Szerzők: James Herbert, Keith Moxey, W.J.T. Mitchell, Nicholas Mirzoeff, Jacques Derrida, Walter Benjamin, Michel Foucault, Robert Sobieszek, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Jeffrey Scone, Deeplika Bahri, Edward W. Said, Dipesh Chakrabarty, Homi K. Bhabha, Jessica Dubow, Slander L. Gilman, James D. Herbert, Timothy Mitchell, Annie E. Coombres, Homi K. Bhabha, Anthony Kwame, Appiah, Mignolo Walter, Maria Todorova, Lary Wolf, Iver B. Neuman, Alexander Kiossev, Csepeli György, Örkény Antal, le, Kim Lane.
    Visual culture / Visual studies (James Herbert) Nostalgia for the Real: The troubled relation of art history to visual studies (Keith Moxey) Interdisciplinarity and Visual Culture (W.J.T. Mitchel) Introduction: What is visual culture? (Nicholas Mirzoeff) Injunctions of Marx (Jacques Derrida) ”K”& ”L” (Walter Benjamin) Panopticism (Michel Foucault) Introduction: Photography and
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    the expressive face (Robert Sobieszek) The Spirit of Judaism (Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel) Introduction. In Haunted Media: Electronic presence from telegraphy to television. (Jeffrey Scone) Introduction to Postcolonial Studies (Deeplika Bahri) Introduction. In Orientalism (Edward W. Said) Postcoloniality and the artifice of history: Who speaks of ”Indian” pasts? (Dipesh Chakrabarty) Of mimicry and man: The ambivalence of colonial discourse (Homi K. Bhabha) ”From the view on the world to a point of view in it”: Rethinking sight, space, and the colonial subject” (Jessica Dubow) Black bodies, white bodies: Toward an iconography of female sexuality in late-nineteenth century of art, medicine and literature. (Slander L. Gilman) Passing between art history and postcolonial theory (James D. Herbert) Orientalism and the exhibitionary order (Timothy Mitchell) Inventing the ”postcolonial”: Hybridity and constituency in contemporary curating. (Annie E. Coombres) Double visions (Homi K. Bhabha) Is the post- in the postmodernism the post- in postcolonial? (Anthony Kwame, Appiah) Occidentalism, (post)Coloniality, and (Post)subalterr Rationality (Mignolo Walter) Introduction. The Balkans & The Balkans: Realia Qu’est-ce qu’il y a de hors-texte? (Maria Todorova) Introduction. In Inventing Eastern Europe: The map of civilization and the mind of the Enlightenment. (Lary Wolf) Making regions: Central Europe (Iver B. Neuman) Notes ont he self-colonisin cultures (Alexander Kiossev) Acquid Immune Deficiency Syndrome in Social Sciences in Eastern Europe (Csepeli György, Örkény Antal, Sheppele, Kim Lane)

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    szituacionizmus közösségi művészet, relációesztétika, cultural studies

    Szerzők: Kristine Stiles, Suzanne Lacy, Lillet Breddels, Tom Finkelpearl, Nicholas Borriaud, Mark Hutchinson, Herve Fischer, Fred Forest, Jean-Paul Thénot, Raoul Vaneigem, Edward Ball, Thomas McDonough, Critical Art Ensemble, Jan Swidzinski

    • Starting From Scratch (Raoul Vaneigem)The Great Sideshow of the Situationist International (Edward Ball)

      The Derive and Situationist Paris (Thomas McDonough)

      Quotations on Contextual Art (részletek) (Jan Swidzinski)

      Manifest II of the Sociological Art – Methodology and Strategy (Herve Fischer, Fred Forest, Jean-Paul Thénot)

      Four Strategies of Public Art (Mark Hutchinson)

      John Ahearn on the Bronx Bronzes and Happier Tales (Tom Finkelpearl’s interview)

      Relational Aesthetics (részletek) Nicolas Bourriaud

      Mierle Lederman Ukeles on Maintenance and Sanitation Art (Tom Finkelpearl’s interview)

      Beauty Beats Violence (Lillet Breddels A. Framis munkájáról)

      Debated Territory – Toward a Critical Language of Public Art (Suzanne Lacy)

      Concerning Public Art and „Messianic Time” (Kristine Stiles)

      Critical Art Ensemble Introduction – Digital Resistance

      Critical Art Ensemble Resisting the Bunker (részletek)

      The Post Ironic Condition (Gregory Scholette)

      Critical Art Ensemble. Observations on Collective Cultural Action

      Critical Art Ensemble. Utopian Plagaiarism, Hypertextuality, and Electronic Cultural Production (részletek)

Afterall. A Journal of Art, Context and Enquiry.

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