Almost Ready – Erasmus 2018

2018. Apr. 29. | 18:00

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Almost Ready – Erasmus 2018

Exhibitors: Beatrice Dandová, Fabianne Jones, Hannah Juhasz, Lucia Malpeli, Hristina Mazneska, Isabelle Pead, Alma Peltola, Daniel Prenleloup, Jerome Sklorz,

Opening speech: Filp Csaba DLA az MKE Festő Tanszék tanszékvezetője

Opening: 2018. April 29. 18 pm
On view: 2018. May 3

Almost Ready

We can see posts of our creator friends „work in progress” daily frequency and many times a day on facebook. We get information from making work of art and work of art while preparing so that raise my interest like a movie trailer and trying to mood in advance for an future exhibition and we can still see how the artist work, as he does his job. We are use to this and mostly this mechanism works, we really look forward to the anticipated event, we almost confirm it, so it was, I saw this at a previous stage in a document photo.

But what happens then if that is the almost finished work of art, that work in progress will be presented in its almost ready state. In the view of the viewer, the idea of how the finished work of art looks in the now probable form. At all: when the work of art is ready?