LABOR was founded in September, 2007 as a joint initiative of C³ Center for Culture & Communication Foundation (C3), the Studio of Young Artists’ Association (FKSE) and the Hungarian University of Fine Arts (MKE) in place of the former Studio Gallery. From 2009 til 2011 – contemporary art program joined the collaboration.

LABOR is a platform where the objectives of partner institutions appear jointly:

  • support of emerging artists
  • projects related to the contemporary art education
  • experimental initiatives advancing or reflecting on the structural changes of the contemporary art world
  • cooperation between art and the scientific and technical domains
  • events organized in the framework of international collaborations

The purpose of this collaboration is to create a flexible, shared (art) space that provides a platform for art research as well as exhibitions, projects and occasional events. LABOR aims to emphasize the social responsibility of contemporary art and its knowledge-generating role. It organizes discursive programs to strengthen the debate- and discussion-culture of the local art world involving other fields of culture. LABOR creates a reading room and a library where current theoretical texts, magazines, and publications on visual culture will be available for research.

Gallery committee (2007-2010):

Júlia Vécsei (FKSE), Miklós Peternák (C3), Eszter Lázár (MKE), Dóra Hegyi (

Gallery commitee (2010-2012):

Judit Csatlós (FKSE), Petra Csizek (FKSE),  Éva Kozma (C3), Eszter Lázár (MKE)

Gallery commitee (2013-2014):

Eszter Kozma (FKSE), Éva Kozma (C3), Eszter Lázár (MKE), Márton Pacsika (FKSE)

Galéria commitee (2014-2015):

Eszter Kozma (FKSE), Éva Kozma(C3), Eszter Lázár (MKE), Bea Istvánkó (FKSE)

Galéria commitee (2015-2016):

Bea Istvánkó (MKE), Eszter Kozma (FKSE),  Bence György Pálinkás (FKSE), Miklós Zsámboki (MKE)

Galéria commitee (2016-):

Anna Tüdős (MKE), Emese Mucsi (FKSE), Tamás Don (FKSE), Gyula Kovács (MMSZK), Andrea Szabó (MMSZK), Tamás Hoffmann (MMSZK) Szabina Ősz-Varga (C3)

Bookspace contributor (2009-2012):

Anna Dóra Dávid


address: 1053 Budapest, Képíró u. 6.

e-mail: labor (at) c3 (dot) hu


Opening hours: during the announced programs as announced on the event’s page