(Magyar) Helyi érték – Váltófutás

2011. Sep. 16. | 17:30

For Example Me

2010. Mar. 23. | 19:00

A five-day exhibition of seven students from the Intermedia Program of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts at Labor

exhibition opens: 23 March 2010, Tuesday, 7 PM
a short concert by Pastorz Special begins at 8 PM

on view: 24 – 28 March 2010
open: 6 – 8 PM

exhibiting artists:
Boglárka Bordás
László Horváth
Zoltán Huszti
Barbara Ipsics
Nikolett Pályi
Nóra Surányi
Annamária Szentpétery

In 2009, during a one-week course I held at the Intermedia Department – and in part through becoming familiar with the students’ works – the idea came up that an exhibition should be created which (as a kind of well-positioned cross-section) presents the individual and strongly personal language of soon-to-graduate students. The intention of self-observation and self-examination is apparent not only in the forms of expression, but also in the content – the themes that are brought up and processed. This, in many cases, is an external kind of attention – placed outside, but looking back on, the self – which renders the “I” (with all its qualities and stories) the subject of analysis, as a kind of example.

The processing of real stories, the conjuring of personal environment and self-depiction are, thus, mere tools for conveying some abstract and general message. As a consequence, a number of works – in spite of the personal motivation – are rather distant and enigmatic.

As for the photos and the videos, these works can also be regarded as documents of performative events, where the performers test situations as meanings through their own example – by placing themselves into these situations.

Hajnal Németh