Labor’s Guest Space Residency presents: WHEN LEARNING AGREEMENT by Luminița Apostu

2012. Aug. 30. | 19:00

In the frame of LABOR GUEST SPACE Residency 2012, Romanian artist-curator LUMINIȚA APOSTU presents her


Expressing an ongoing interest in the status and potentiality of art schools in the formation of their students, Luminița Apostu’s practice has been constantly connected to issues of education. Focusing on the classroom as the place where education is being exerted curatorially, the project attempts to investigate whether recent discursivity built around education in art is actually doing any good to the student and whether the non-Western art education can be coped with under the same terms.

The presentation will be accompanied by a documentary exhibition of her previous work, reframed by the context of revisiting current Romanian art education as a flourishing environment for producing critical art.

WHEN LEARNING AGREEMENT is a parodic approach towards the systematic and contractual component of art education, where the exchange value between individual and institution is inconveniently and blatantly blurred into a mutual sense of “agreement”.

The presentation will be held in English and will take place on Thursday, August 30, 19:00 at Labor.

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