Labor’s Guest Space residency presents: the joint project of Michela Alessandrini and Zsuzsi Flohr.

2012. Aug. 14. | 19:00

We kindly invite you to the presentation in Labor from 7 pm on the 14th of August, 2012

In the frame of LABOR GUEST SPACE 2012, the italian curator MICHELA ALESSANDRINI presents her art project, PLartFORM, in collaboration with the hungarian artist ZSUZSI FLOHR.

A path that started from the anthropological and social studies for her thesis on Mac/Val (Musée d’art contemporain du Val de Marne in Vitry-sur-Seine, France) and led to wonder about the strong connection between identity and territory. In the context of this residence, PlartFORM enters a new phase and arises new questions, related to Budapest and its inhabitants: are they aware of the places they are living in? Are they conscious of the hidden history lying under their fetes? Is their identity influenced by the past of the city? What is identity without remembrance? If this world is constantly changing its surface and appearance, we could only find traces of the past in people’s memory or is memory itself always changing? Is memory shaped by people or should we say the opposite? Those Budapest places, buildings- occupied, violated and transformed by the presence of the Hungarian and German fascists, occulted and hidden by banal, everyday, or chosen ignorance – shouldn’t they be recognized after an half of century covered them? These are questions raised by the field survey the curator in residence carried on with the precious help of Zsuzsi Flohr’s work, focused on the invisible link between identities, historical spots of the hungarian capital and the cultural meaning they convey: answers seem to be, eventually, another step in PLartFORM quest.

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