Free School for Art Theory and Practice (Reader 1)

    Reader of the first free school at The invited lecturers of the Free School were Barabara Steiner, curator and director of the Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst at Leipzig as well as Branislav Dimitrijevic Founder and lecturer of the School for History and Theory of Images, Centre for Contemporary Art, Belgrade and Jens Hoffmann, artistic director, Insitute of Contemporary Arts, London. The topic was the curatorial theory and practice and the constructive interplay between curatorial and artistic practice regarding the specificities of the region as dealing with the context of the post-socialism and the role of the public domain.
    • Contextual Plurality: A shoddy Dictatorship. Introduttion to the Hungarian Women’s narratives. (Hadas Miklós)

      The Daughter of the Revolution. (Hadas Miklós – eredeti interjú Hoyer Mária 1998.)

      Blind Spot of the new critical theory Notes on the theory of colonization. (András Edit)

      The Hungarian Patient: Comments ont he „Contemporary Hungarian Art of the 90s” (Berecz Ágnes)

      The Reburial of Imre Nagy: A Symbolic Act of Democratic Transformation in Hungary. (János M. Rainer)

      Foreword (for Poliphony 1993.) (Mészöly Suzanne)

      From Scilence to Poliphony. (Szántó András)

      Political Culture (Körössényi András)

      The Absence of Women’s Movements in Hungary (Neményi Mária)

      Special Section Focus: Public Art in Hungary (Turai Hedvig, szerk, összeáll.)

      Roma Artists int he Gadzho Canon. (Timea Junghaus)

  • feminism, oral history, colonialism, society, political culture

    Authors: Miklós Hadas, Edit András, Ágnes Berecz, Suzanne Mészöly, András Szántó, András Körössényi, Mária Neményi, Hedvig Turai, Tímea Junghaus, Mária Hoyer, János M. Rainer